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We're here for life in the open

Founded in 2016, Geardropper rents out camping gear to pick up at unique locations throughout Europe, so you can camp anywhere you like and choose your own way of traveling.

Our Story

It all started with a daydream on a small natural campsite in the rose gold evening glow in the hills of Tuscany, lying in the hammock in front of our tent; why can’t we experience this everywhere? How great would it be to go camping on an island like Sardinia or Corsica? Why should we have to make an exhausting and expensive journey to have our comfortable gear at our disposal? To experience the freedom to spontaneously discover the most beautiful and idyllic places, like a true local. How great would it be if we could just pick up camping gear on location, that provides the same comfort as our own? Then we could easily fly to any destination, even for a few days, and enjoy this camping experience everywhere! Then we could discover new destinations each time, instead of always staying within a range of 1500 km from home… Wouldn’t more people want this? With these thoughts our dream was born: to make this camping experience available for and share it with everyone – everywhere.

Our Mission

Back to nature - for life in the open - This is what Geardropper stands for. Our mission is to make camping appealing and accessible for the next generation of campers, who spend more and more time of their daily lives behind computers screens and other devices. We want to sustain and reinforce the contact with the beauty and importance of nature. In our busy lives where information is thrown at us from every direction, we sometimes forget what really matters; to take care of each other and nature with love and passion, to live a healthy and peaceful life here on earth.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the charm of personal contact with locals and sleeping under the night sky on small natural campsites. Camping makes you use your senses in a way that puts your focus back on the essence and privilege of life. It can be the sound of a flowing river, rolling waves, birds, the smell of flowers, morning dew, the neighbours barbeque, or the habits of a different culture, that suddenly make you realise: we are all just creatures with the same goal, to live a joyful life. You get closer to yourself again and the deep conversations by the campfire make you see that in our daily lives we tend to get distracted from the essence of life. And that all that we think is so important, is just relative. So just go camping and love the simplicity, nature and each other!

The Team

Bas Sonnevelt
Founder & CEO

A true adventurous camper, born and raised. Bas has one dream: make the Geardropper camping experience available for everyone – everywhere. To share the freedom and other benefits of life in the open with all people who want to explore new places and love to sleep right under the night sky. Bas believes that everything Geardropper creates should lead to a unique and unforgettable camping experience for our users. By offering great service and listening to them before, while and after using our products.

Nick van den Berg
Co-Founder & CTO

Has found his passion for both travel and entrepreneurship at the young age of 18. Only a few months after founding his first business, he packed his backpack and headed for an adventurous trip. Inspired by digital innovation in the tech industry, he later decided that he wanted to leave his footprint at the crossroads of liberal arts and tech. He founded a digital agency by the name of Cloudrocket, creating digital products for start-ups and evolving organisations. As a founding partner of Geardropper, he is responsible for the e-commerce platform.

Chris König
Content Creator

Always looking for an adventure, whether it’s in the burning heat of South Africa, or the cold Dolomites during wintertime – as long as there are new areas to explore, you’ll find Chris satisfied. Within Geardropper he uses his experience as a photographer to contribute to the visual content, as well as to social media - which combines perfectly with his passion for writing.

Rob van der Heijden

I've always had a passion for travel, especially adventurous travel. I prefer to visit places that are less known to the masses during my travels and I look for gems that are enjoyed by the locals. I combine my passion for travel with my study Management Tourism at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda.

Mira van de Leijgraaf

My passion for traveling started early and has developed more and more in the recent years. I prefer to travel around the world. I love to have adventurous trips and I like to discover unknown places, besides that you can certainly wake me up for a visit to a tropical island or for a trip to a big citiy. In recent years I have traveled a lot and I have discovered many new destinations. This is partly due to my study Function-oriented Tourism and Recreation at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda.

Vera Corstjens

From the moment that I can remember, I went camping with my parents every year. My love of traveling has therefore been developed early on. I loved the freedom, the adventure and the peace. Searching for the most beautiful secluded spots on and around the campsite was what I loved the most! When I got older and began to make other trips, I noticed that I became very happy about discovering new destinations. A short city trip or a long trip to a distant destination, I love it all. When I had to choose a study, it was became very easy when I heard about the management tourism study. I started my study Management Tourism at the NHTV in Breda in 2014.


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