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The enormous geographical and cultural diversity of Corsica is overwhelming! From the most beautiful white-sanded beaches to erratic mountain peaks further inland, this island in the Medditerranean Sea has it all! The ever-changing scenery makes this destination perfect for a lot of types of holidays, go hiking through vast meadows, work on your tan at one of the many beaches, stroll through ancient cities or climb one of the many high peaks! So, grab the wheel and let yourself be suprised by a stunning view at every moment of the way!

Enjoy the impressive Calanques of Piana

The Calanques of Piana, is a rock formation just outside of Piana at the west-coast of Corsica, between Piana and Porto. The Calanques of Piana, which translates to the inlets of Piana, are one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Corsica. The red rocks give a spectacular view together with the bright blue color of the sea below the rocks. These rocks can be visited by car, by foot or from the sea.

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Visit the beautifully located city of Bonifacio

In the Southern part of Corsica lies the ancient city of Bonifacio, the oldest city within Corsica. Beautifully located on steep limestone cliffs above the turquoise crystal-clear water. The city is an absolute must visit during a trip to Corsica, enjoy the far-reaching views from the city or admire the location of the city from one of the surrounding beaches. This city is a real treat to visit!

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Hike the toughest long-distance trail of Europe

A 15-day long hike across the island. This trail is often mentioned as one of the toughest trails within Europe because of the large altitude differences. The trail runs straight through the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse, a beautiful natural park on the middle of the island which is home to some of the highest peaks on the island. So, put on your hiking-boots and be amazed by the gorgeous nature during this hike.

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Climb one of the highest peaks of Corsica

Within the inland of Corsica are over 50 peaks above 2,000 meter, with the highest being the Monte Cinto with 2,706 meters! Hike up one of these high mountains and enjoy the gorgeous and wide views you will be treated with. Looking for a more active way of enjoying these mountains and these breathtaking views? Go rock-climbing at one of the numerous spots where this is possible!

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Bathe in the sun on one of the many pristine beaches

With over 1000 km of coastline Corsica has many beautiful beaches, from long white-sanded beaches all across the east-coast to small hidden beaches between steep cliffs in the western part of Corsica, everyone will be able to find their ideal beach here. So, take your time and enjoy the sunshine and these beautiful beaches or go snorkeling to discover the underwater world.

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