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Pitch your tent at a place with a view over the Adriatic Sea and admire the green specks of islands that arise from the glistering water. This is the ideal place for you to reload in the summertime sun and to read a good book. But there is much more to Croatia than this. Think about the medieval walled towns, great wines and the lush green inlands. Take an early morning walk along the beautiful rocky coastline or get in those waters and go snorkeling, diving or windsurfing.

Submerge yourself in the beauty of the Plitvice lakes National Park

Perhaps one of the most beautiful National Parks throughout Europe. Within this National Park you will find sixteen gorgeous turquoise lakes connected by numerous waterfalls surrounded by a forest. In the National Park you will be able to stroll across several pathways submerging yourself by the beauty of the surroundings. An absolute must-visit while visiting Croatia!

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Stroll through the picturesque cities from the Roman empire

All over Croatia there are beautiful cities that were built in the Roman empire. Some great examples of the remains of the Roman empire can be found in the cities of Split, Pula and Zadar. Visit these and many other beautiful cities and experience the Roman relics such as the amphitheater in Pula.

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Take a hike through the Krka national park

From the mountains inland in Croatia all the way to the Adriatic Coast runs the River Krka. The Krka national park is known for its stunning waterfalls. So, take a hike through the national park and enjoy the waterfalls and stunning views and take a swim into the refreshing water to cool yourself at the end of the day.

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Go kayaking and discover several of the stunning islands within the Adriatic Sea

All across the coast of Croatia you will be able to find numerous little islands and islets. Take a boat tour or rent a sailboat and visit some of these beautiful islands to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the ever-present sun. Looking for a more active way to discover these beautiful places? Rent a kayak or canoe and discover these islands at your own pace.

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Go diving or snorkeling at some of the hidden beaches of Croatia

Within Croatia there is no shortage of beaches. But instead of joining hundreds of other tourists at the crowded beaches, go the extra mile and find beautiful hidden beaches to enjoy the real Croatian way-of-life. Don’t forget to enjoy the underwater-world within the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea and go diving or snorkeling.

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