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After a day packed with historical city walks, snorkeling at one of the beaches along the 800 km coastline, or being thrown back in time watching shepherds tending their flock, you will dream away sipping a well-deserved port in front of your tent. Over dinner you already wonder about your next destination: the fairy tale world of Sintra with its mysterious gardens and age-old monasteries, the golden beaches and cliffs of the Algarve, the green river lands of the Minho region, or will you catch one of the big waves in Nazaré?

Take a hike through one of the nature parks in Portugal

Portugal is home to thirteen different natural parks all across the mainland. Go and explore some of these nature parks and be surprised by how many different views Portugal has to offer. From coastal areas to the highest mountain on the mainland of Portugal, the nature parks come in all different shapes and sizes. Put on your hiking boots and explore these beautiful parks!

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Go surfing in the Atlantic Ocean

Portugal is a country that is known as the best spot within Europe to surf. With its many beaches alongside the Atlantic coast there is no explanation needed why it is known to being the best surfing spot. Just a beginner learning how to surf? No problem! Check out one of the many surf schools where they will teach you the basics of surfing.

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Drive across the scenic roads along the Portuguese coast

What beats a nice coastal road with another stunning view behind every corner? Take your time to explore the rough coastal area of Portugal with steep cliffs and white sandy beaches. Portugal has the perfect beach for everyone, big sandy beaches to relax on the whole day or hidden beaches tucked-in between the steep cliffs. Go and find the perfect beach for you!

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Visit the Douro Valley and taste Portuguese best wines

The Douro Valley in the north-east of Portugal, is known as one of the prettiest regions throughout Portugal. Next to being a beautiful region, in the Douro Valley some of the best Portuguese wines are being produced. Enjoy some of the best viewing points alongside the Douro river and submerge yourself in this region with great Portuguese wines.

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Go to some of the most fascinating cities

Portugal is home to some of the most wonderful cities. From Lissabon and Porto to Guimarães and Coimbra. Visit these cities and witness the ancient history of Portugal, go to the Coimbra the oldest city within Portugal or stroll through Guimarães, often mentioned as the birthplace of modern Portugal. Or go to Sintra and feel like you are walking through a fairy-tale.

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