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Enjoy many different ways to explore and admire this beautiful country. Tucked in between Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine, Slovakia represents the true meaning of a hidden gem. This small country in the middle of Europe has a lot to offer from the peaks at the High Tatras mountain range to the national park of Slovensky Raj, an actual Slovakian paradise. Submerge yourself in this hidden beauty and be amazed by everything beauty it has to offer.

Enjoy the high peaks in the high Tatras mountain range

The High Tatras mountain range in the northern part of Slovakia is one of the most beautiful areas within this country. This region offers a chain of stunning views, high mountain peaks, majestic waterfalls and enormous valleys. Hike alongside the many peaks reaching above 2000 meter and the many waterfalls and enjoy the impressive views this area has to offer you.

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Visit some of the most beautiful castles

All throughout Slovakia you can find over 150 of the most beautiful castles you have ever witnessed. Spissky Hrad might be the most famous castle throughout Slovakia together with the Bojnice castle. Visit these beautiful castles and feel like you are wandering through you very own fairy-tale. Next to these beautiful castles you will also find numerous old ruins.

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Hike through the Slovakian Paradise

The Slovensky Raj National Park, which translates as the Slovakian Paradise, totally lives up to this promise and is truly a paradise. Gorgeous forests, canyons, gorges and impressive waterfalls, this national park features it all and is a true paradise for great hikes. So, visit this national park and be submerged by all of its beauty!

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Discover the underground world of Slovakia

Slovakia is home to over 7000 different caves, many other caves are believed to still be hidden and undiscovered. Of these 7000 discovered caves only a few are open for public. In the Slovak Karst National Park a few of these caves can be found and visited. Stroll through these caves and be amazed by the nature of Slovakia, even under the ground.

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Stroll through the many ancient cities

Next to gorgeous national parks and stunning nature, Slovakia is home to some of the prettiest ancient cities. From the capital Bratislava in the west of Slovakia to the city of Kosice in the east and everything in between. Wander through these ancient cities over cobblestone streets and enjoy al the hidden beauty these cities have to offer you.

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