Terms & Conditions

Last updated: January 2018

1. Application

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements concluded between Geardropper Europe B.V. as a lessor and her co-contractor as a lessee with respect to the rental of camping equipment (tents, air beds, bed covers, chairs, tables, ground sheets, coolers, cooking devices, crockery, cutlery, cookware sets, washing up bowls, power cables, plugs and sockets, lanterns, tent pegs, hammers, clotheslines and pegs, corresponding sleeves and bags and all other matters of which reasonably may be expected to coordinate with the rented), hereinafter referred to as : "the leased property", and all related service offerings.

1.2 Any aberrations from these conditions can only be agreed upon in writing (by (e)mail, text message or WhatsApp).

1.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of art. 6:225 (3) BW (Dutch law) these terms apply at any time between Geardropper and lessee. Also if lessee has referred to conditions employed by him, or if lessee has rejected the conditions used by the Geardropper whether or not expressly mentioned.

1.4 Lessee, with whom the application of these general conditions of rental has been contracted at least once, agrees to the applicability of these general rental conditions on future agreements between Geardropper and lessee.

2. Emergence of contracts

2.1 The lease comes only if and to the extent that Geardropper has issued a written booking confirmation and/or invoice.

2.2 The written confirmation by Geardropper shall be deemed to correctly and completely display the content of the agreement. Lessee shall be deemed to agree with the contents of the written confirmation, unless lessee announces in writing to Geardropper that he cannot unite with the content within 5 working days after the date of the written confirmation.

2.3 If Geardropper due to unforeseen circumstances cannot offer the leased property, Geardropper shall inform lessee as soon as reasonably possible and will make every effort to find a replacing accommodation at the same location. If this does not succeed, then Geardropper is required to proceed to refunding of the hitherto paid fare within 14 days. Any damage/extra costs cannot be recovered from Geardropper.

2.4 Booking is possible for groups of up to 8 persons. For groups larger than 8 persons please contact Geardropper via info@geardropper.com.

Any booking may be refused by Geardropper without further explanation.

Pets are not allowed.

2.5 Changes after conclusion of the contract can be requested by lessee, up to 7 days before the start of the rental period. Per change the service fee will be charged that applies to the respective Service Point, from the first category price scheme. Changes that decrease the total booking amount with more than 25%, will be regarded as cancellation. The cancellation policy (art. 6.2) will apply to these changes.

3. Rental period

3.1 The lease is entered into for a period of at least three nights.

3.2 The lease starts as of the agreed delivery time, or at the time when the leased property becomes available to lessee.

3.3 The lease ends at the time on which the leased property is received back by the Geardropper in its entirety and in good condition, or the when the replacement value of the leased property is fully reimbursed by tenant.

4. Rental and deposit

4.1 Payment obligation of lessee consists of the rental price (including VAT) and a mandatory deposit that is calculated based on the total rental price per day.

4.2 If the leased property, from any cause whatsoever is not picked up by lessee at the agreed delivery time and date, the rent is nevertheless due as of that date.

4.3 If the leased property is returned prior to the expiry of the agreed rental period, the rental price throughout the agreed rental period remains due.

4.4 All prices named on the website or in other media are subject to change. Geardropper has the right to increase prices, if factors on which the rates are based give rise to this. Once agreed (by the conclusion of the agreement via the booking confirmation), prices may not be changed by Geardropper, unless it concerns a non-realistic price caused by a printing or system error for example.

4.5 If after return of the leased property it shows that all conditions have been met by lessee, Geardropper will send a payment order to the bank to repay the amount of the deposit within 72 hours. If not all conditions have been met, Geardropper can requisite (part of) the amount of the deposit. If so, Geardropper will inform lessee within 48 hours in writing. The different deposit rates can be found in our helpcentre. The deposit is added in the last step of the booking process: ‘Check & Confirm Booking’.

5. Compulsory insurance  

5.1 Lessee is not required, but is strongly recommended by Geardropper to have a travel and/or liability insurance during the rental period. This so that lessee can reclaim any additional costs, as set out in art. 3.3, 4.5 and 9.4, at his private insurer.

6. Cancellation

6.1 Lessee shall cancel the booking in writing to Geardropper. The date of receipt of the written cancellation by Geardropper is regarded the cancellation date.

6.2 It is possible for lessee to cancel a booking free of charge until 30 days prior to the start of the rental period. Which means that Geardropper will reimburse 100% of the invoice amount and the full deposit on behalf of lessee.

6.2.1 If lessee cancels 30 to 14 days before the start of the rental period, Geardropper reimburses 50% of the invoice amount and the full deposit on behalf of lessee.

6.2.2 If lessee cancels 14 to 3 days before the start of the rental period, Geardropper reimburses 25% of the invoice amount and the full deposit on behalf of lessee.

6.2.3 If lessee cancels 3 or less days before the start of the rental period, Geardropper will only reimburse the full deposit on behalf of the lessee.

For all of the cases above (6.2.1 – 6.2.3), Geardropper will send a payment order to the bank within 72 hours after receipt of the written cancellation.

6.3 If the leased property is not picked up by lessee within 48 hours after the time in the booking confirmation, this will be addressed as a cancellation on which the cancellation terms (art. 6.2.3) apply. Whit that Geardropper has the right to rent out the leased property to other lessees. The right to return (art. 13.5) will apply to any purchase items.

7. Delivery and risk

7.1 Delivery occurs as agreed to and confirmed in writing by Geardropper. Lessee is obliged to check the leased property upon receipt for completeness and any defects. In addition, it will be important for lessee to check for accuracy of the articles.

Any defects, omissions or incorrect articles, should be reported to the Geardropper in writing within 24 hours after receipt.

7.2 During the entire rental period the leased property is for the account and risk of lessee, within the meaning of art. 3.

7.3 During the rental period Geardropper is in no way responsible for:

  • Damage and/or injury to persons or environment caused by use of the leased property or by any other cause.
  • Loss, theft or damage of personal belongings or money.
  • Loss of travel pleasure, business- or other consequential damages.

8. Use

8.1 Before use, lessee must see to the terms of use of the leased property by reading the terms of use, all supplied manuals and user instructions carefully and to comply with them.

8.2 Lessee shall not be authorised to change the shape of the leased property in whole or in part, for example by removing matter or to connecting matter to each other.

8.3 The title deed, as far as applied by Geardropper, may not be removed from the leased property.  

8.4 Lessee is not entitled to grant any right to the leased property to a third party, to sublet it, or to transfer his rights arising out of this rental agreement, in whole or in part, to to third parties, without the express prior written consent of Geardropper.

9. Return

9.1 Lessee is obliged to relay the leased property at the end of the rental period in the same good condition, dry, free from excessive dirt (e.g. mud and stains) and free of excessive odours (e.g. cigarette smell) to Geardropper at the agreed location and time.

9.2 If the leased property is returned by lessee after the day mentioned in the booking confirmation, without any written permission by Geardropper, Geardropper has the right to claim the entire deposit.

9.3 An authorized person shall on behalf of lessee be present at the return of the leased property. If this person is not present, Geardropper has the right either to refuse, or to accept the leased property.  The numbers, composition and condition of the leased property such as those noted by the person who takes in the return of the leased property on behalf of Geardropper in that case are binding.

9.4 When the leased property is not at all returned in its entirety to Geardropper, for example due to loss or theft, or in case of total loss caused by destruction or any other form of damage, lessee is to proceed to payment of the full purchase price of the leased property on the basis of Geardropper’s current purchase prices.

10. Payments

10.1 Lessee agrees to proceed to payment in the last step of the booking process on the website.

10.2 When exceeding instalment, then all associated costs are on behalf of lessee. Please note that the booking is confirmed only if the payment is received by Geardropper.

11. Omission

11.1 Lessee is in omission by operation of law when he acts in violation with any provision in this agreement and the terms of use.

11.2 In a case as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Geardropper has the right to, without notice of default, or judicial intervention, dissolute the agreement immediately in writing.

11.3 In addition to a case as referred to in paragraph 11.1, Geardropper has the choice to, instead of dissolution, claim damages or to suspend his obligations resulting from the lease without being obliged to pay any compensation or otherwise.

12. Damage

12.1 Lessee will report loss or damage to the leased property to Geardropper immediately upon discovery and at least within 24 hours, in writing.

12.2 In the event of theft of the leased property lessee is obliged to report this to Geardropper immediately upon discovery, to report the theft at the local police station and to hand over (a copy of) the declaration to Geardropper.

12.3 Lessee is liable for all damages caused to or by the leased property and by whom or how also caused, whether or not lessee could rely on force majeure. Damage to the leased property shall in any case be understood as: loss, theft, excessive dirt and all costs for restoration or repair, that should be made by Geardropper to bring the leased property back into its original state as judged by Geardropper.

12.4 Geardropper is required to retrieve the leased property at the first opportunity, if lessee wants to, or has to terminate the lease. However, circumstances may arise (such as weather conditions or transportation capacity), which slow down the retrieval of the leased property. In those situations, lessee remains liable for all damages caused to or by the leased property and by whom or how also caused as referred to in art. 7.2, until the leased property is retrieved by Geardropper in its entirety. Transportation costs that are made by Geardropper to retrieve the leased property are on the account of lessee.

12.5 When the leased property is returned to Geardropper excessively dirty (e.g. mud, stains), or with excessive odours (e.g. cigarettes), the amount that is required to bring the leased property back into its original state will be charged to lessee.

13. Purchase articles

13.1 The articles of which lessee has indicated wanting to purchase during the reservation (sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, first-aid-kits, etc.), will be paid by lessee in the last step of the booking process at the website, together with payment of the leased property.

13.2 When exceeding instalment, which is after 24 hours, the purchase agreement will expire, including all rights and obligations of lessee and Geardropper.

13.3 Delivery of the purchase articles shall be carried out as agreed to and confirmed in writing by Geardropper, at the same time as the leased property.

13.4 Lessee checks the purchase items for completeness and any defects upon receipt.

Any defects will be reported by lessee within 24 hours to Geardropper. Geardropper is then obliged to supply lessee with a replacing item, or to proceed to reimbursement of the purchase price to lessee when the respective item is not in stock. Lessee is obliged to proceed to returning the incomplete/faulty article.  Geardropper is not obliged to compensate the purchase of a similar item on location by lessee.

13.5 Lessee reserves the right to return (one of the) purchase items in exchange for the purchase price, provided that it is unused and in original packaging. Lessee shall reveal his desire to return article(s) within 24 hours after the start of the rental period, as agreed upon in the booking confirmation, in writing to Geardropper. Geardropper shall, within 48 hours after receipt of the items send an order to the bank to refund of the purchase price.

14. Prices and terms and conditions other suppliers

14.1 Geardropper provides information on its website regarding prices of campsites, activities, rental cars and flight tickets based on the prices of relevant providers known to us. If the lessee wants to book these, he will be redirected to the website of the relevant providers.

14.2 Geardropper is in no way liable or responsible for errors and/or disputes occurring regarding the shown prices, booking, payments, cancellations and or the use at the relevant providers .

14.3 Lessee is responsible for making the correct assessment in relation to the size of the rental car. Geardropper is in no way liable for any lack of space in the rental car that has been booked lessee.

15. Complaints procedure

15.1 On complaints that are not to be resolved on-the-spot, lessee shall notify Geardropper in writing. If it turns out after the event that lessee has made no mention of an error/imperfection on the spot, he loses the right to any refund of the rent to be recovered.

15.2 If a complaint is not resolved properly, then lessee should notify Geardropper substantiated in writing no later than two weeks after return. After this period, the right to a refund becomes invalid.

16. Final provisions

16.1 If more than one person occurs as a lessee, then each lessee will be jointly and severally liable for the payment and obligations arising from this agreement and the terms of use.

16.2 The nullity or violability of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

16.3 The Dutch law is applies to this agreement.

16.4 All disputes, including those which are considered as such only by one of the parties, which could arise as a result of this agreement between the parties, will only be decided by the competent court in 's-Hertogenbosch, without prejudice to the competence of Geardropper to submit the dispute to the competent court according to the law.

16.5 At disagreement over the explanation of this agreement and the terms of use, the Dutch text is binding.

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